Rumi 59

In my work, all my time, idly spend
I am in love, to the depths of love descend.
The lion of thy longing hunted me down
This same lion in my trap will find its end.
On the shores of thy ocean is my hometown
Kissed by waves, though depths upward won’t send.
In the heavenly spirits and wine I drown
Worship of vine no more need I pretend;
My patience by this spirit turns to frown
Fault me not if pride is not of my trend.
Like Father Sun, capture the world with my crown
Without soldiers, scepter or knights can defend.
Sugar, from Egypt to Rome, I bring down
Though day and night can never make me amend.
With thy rose mixed my essence, my very own,
Why, the thorn upon my head, the rose will lend.
O Pride of Tabriz, Shams of the spirit, renown
In both worlds, where can I find a better friend?

Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 17, 1998

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