From Wheat to Bread

This series was initially inspired by verse 18 of book 1 of Mathnavi which literally translated says:

State of the cooked is beyond the raw
The wise in silence gladly withdraw

Some of the poems in this series were inspired by the poet's experiences, and some were inspired by other poets in Farsi or other languages.

From Wheat to Bread

bulletThe Wheat and the Bread
bulletAge and Experience
bulletWheat Sprout
bulletHarvest Season
bulletAt The Mill
bulletThe Dough
bulletBaking Bread
bulletThe Silo
bulletUrban Culture
bulletGrain of Wheat
bulletThe Lone Grain
bulletSow & Reap
bulletThe Grain Grows
bulletPlough and Sickle
bulletThe Treasure
bulletThe Desert
bulletFrom Bread to Wheat
bulletWheat and Bread


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